MODINCA: Local Cultural & Intellectual Online Dating Site

Are you a cultured soul, intellectual mind or creative spirit looking for someone you connect with on a cerebral and emotional level? Then, you’ve come to the right place. MODINCA (MODern INtellectual Cultured Aesthetes) was born in Denver, Colorado in 2017 to serve singles like you who can appreciate beauty in all things, even in the unlikeliest of places. Is this a radical concept? We believe it is. While there are plenty of dating sites out there, only MODINCA connects members to a community who shares their cultural interests, intellectual pursuits or creative outlets.

We believe in simplicity and efficiency. We do not use an overly long questionnaire for individual profile creation. Nor do we attempt to create complicated psychological, personality-based member profiles to be used as part of matching criteria. After all, even the most sophisticated matching algorithms based on enormous amounts of data would be hard pressed to accurately predict chemistry between two people. Plus, we all know that opposites sometimes attract. We believe the best way to gauge if there is good chemistry between two people is for them to actually meet, look each other in the eye and have a meaningful conversation. To that end, we believe the main function of a dating service should be to help provide interesting topics for conversation. If two people meeting for the first time already knew going in that they have common interests such as creative writing, philosophy, performing arts, etc., the chances of first date turning out to be a complete dud would be slim to none. In fact, there is a good chance they'd be able to accurately assess the level of chemistry and compatibility relatively early in the dating process through thoughtful dialogue.

In addition to traditional one-on-one dating, we offer monthly mix’n mingle functions to provide more face-to-face meeting opportunities. MODINCA is a community-based dating service that fosters exchange of ideas through human interactions (Note: Currently, our mix’n mingle functions are offered only in Denver, Colorado).

We believe that cultural, intellectual and creative pursuits are more than an activity - they’re a lifestyle. Let us help you find someone to share it with today!

Join us as we embark on this adventure together. MODINCA....where hearts and minds meet.

**Please read Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, FAQs and Safe Dating Tips to help you safely navigate the exciting world of online dating through MODINCA.
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