Unique Matching

MODINCA matches members based on interests selected from a list of over 30 different cultural, intellectual and creative activities such as Fine Art, Independent/Foreign Films, Foreign Language & Culture, International Travel, Philosophy/Intellectual Discussion, Theatre/Performing Arts, Poetry/Literature, Ballroom Dancing, Classical Music, and more. This matching methodology ensures a community of like-minded single.

Low Cost

MODINCA’s members pay about 40% less than other major online dating sites.

Local Events

MODINCA Mix’n Mingle events offer an additional way to meet many like-minded singles in a fun social setting.

Efficient and Useful Profile Questionnaire

MODINCA’s profile questionnaire features only the relevant items for its demographic and does not contain non-essential or trivial questions.


MODINCA offers entertaining and informative blog posts about healthy relationships, personal growth, film/book reviews, local events and much more.

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